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Tips for getting your kid into their car seat

Kid-ing with Kayla — For years, Kayla Sullivan would use the counting-down trick to get her son into his car seat. However, this week he decided he wasn’t falling for it anymore! Here’s her viral report on this unfortunate situation.

So, what do you do in this situation? Lots of people commented with suggestions. Kayla compiled a list of some of the best coming from professionals.

  • Bring a bag of toys and books in the car and give them to your child once they are buckled
  • Give your kid options, “Would you like to jump into the car seat or have mommy fly you in the air and land you inside?” (options makes it less of a power struggle)
  • Offer to buckle them or have them try to do it themselves (they often just want to feel like part of the process)
  • If they know how to buckle themselves, race them when you put your seatbelt on and see who is faster
  • Give them a snack, drink or candy once they are buckled
  • Set a timer on your watch or phone and when it goes off tell him it’s time to get buckled, do you want to do it or do you want me to do it?

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