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U.S. Navy Blue Angels to host first air show since 2012

The eagerly awaited return of the U.S. Navy Blue Angels to Indianapolis is generating waves of excitement as the city prepares to host its first air show featuring the iconic squadron since 2012.

Crossroads Air Show Co-Chair, Michael Preyss, will be joining us in the studio to provide insights into the spectacular event, set to unfold at the Indianapolis Regional Airport on October 28-29.

With their world-renowned precision and breathtaking aerobatics, the Blue Angels promise to deliver an unforgettable experience for aviation enthusiasts and families alike, showcasing the incredible skills and dedication of our nation’s military aviators.

Joining Michael Preyss will be a special guest, Troop 104 Scout Jackson Bengs, who will share his enthusiasm and perspective as a young aviation enthusiast looking forward to the air show.

This event not only promises to be a thrilling spectacle but also an educational opportunity for scouts like Jackson, fostering a passion for aviation and inspiring future generations of pilots and aviation enthusiasts.

With the Blue Angels gracing the Indianapolis skies once again, the upcoming air show is sure to be a highlight for the entire community.