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Unlocking the secrets of nonprofit success with author Michele Whetzel

An author shares her expertise running a nonprofit

Michele Whetzel, the author of “So, You Want to Start a Nonprofit, Now What?: How to start and run a successful 501(c)(3) charitable organization,” brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the world of nonprofit organizations.

Having interviewed over 60 nonprofit experts, Michele’s book is a treasure trove of wisdom, combining their expertise with cautionary tales to guide aspiring nonprofit founders.

With a history of leading three statewide nonprofits, serving on numerous boards, and even assisting in the dissolution of two organizations, Michele has a unique perspective on nonprofit management.

Her insight is invaluable for those seeking to establish and run nonprofits effectively.

She’s ready to reveal the untold truths about charitable giving and the nonprofit sector, offering a candid and enlightening perspective.