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Watch 25 Xmas movies and win $2,500, New additions to National Toy Hall of Fame…Is This Anything?

Happy Anniversary to Nigel and his wife Lindsey

The National Toy Hall of Fame in upstate New York has added four iconic toys to its ranks: Cabbage Patch Kids, baseball cards, Nerf ball, and Fisher-Price Corn Popper.

These timeless toys are now part of the Hall’s collection at the Strong National Museum of Play in Rochester.

In other news… is offering an exciting job opportunity for a “Chief of Cheer” to watch 25 holiday movies in 25 days.

The chosen candidate will rank each film based on storytelling and holiday cheer, receiving a $2,500 reward and a year’s subscription to seven streaming services.

The job allows the winner to select their favorite holiday films, including Hallmark rom-coms, animated classics, or even action-packed thrillers like “Die Hard.”

Applications are open until December 1st, making it a special holiday season gig.