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WGU Indiana gives overnight nurses care packages as clocks fall back

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The overnight nurses at WGU Indiana are getting a special treat as a reward for their hard work: a care package to make sure they know they’re not forgotten. 

Mary Carney, WGU’s director of pre-licensure and nursing, says when the clocks roll back, the nurses work an extra hour, making their night a little longer.

“On the night the clocks go back, 2 o’clock in the morning is bad, but 2 o’clock in the morning twice is worse,” Carney said.

“We want to bring this recognition to all the night shift people who are doing vitally important work.”

In the packages, the nurses get some candy, plus an opportunity to get $3,000 scholarships, which WGU is giving away exclusively to night shift nurses.

“If they want to advance their degree or earn a higher degree, we want to help them make that happen,” Carney said.

Watch the video for the answer to an all-important question: What’s a nurse’s favorite candy?


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