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Biden will not seek reelection, drops from 2024 presidential race

Delegates to settle GOP Lt. Gov. fight Saturday

Republicans to settle Lt. Gov. fight Saturday

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — A Republican strategist on Friday said both of her party’s candidates for lieutenant governor have a realistic shot at the Republican nomination this weekend.

Delegates will gather in Indianapolis on Saturday for the Indiana Republican Party Convention. Their biggest task will be to pick a running mate for Mike Braun as he seeks the office of governor. Braun has nominated first-term state Rep. Julie McGuire. Braun’s campaign announced Friday morning former President Donald Trump had endorsed her. She faces a challenge from Pastor Micah Beckwith, who has been campaigning for the past year to convince delegates to support him.

In Indiana, convention delegates pick the two major parties’ nominees for all statewide offices other than governor. McGuire and Beckwith are the only two candidates for lieutenant governor.

Republican strategist and All INdiana Politics contributor Whitley Yates said historically, delegates have deferred to the winner of the primary for governor, but Beckwith has been campaigning hard.

“The fact is, we have two strong candidates that are looking to help lead Indiana into the future, and that’s what we’re excited about,” Yates said.

Democratic primary winner Jennifer McCormick has not yet announced her preferred running mate, and no Democrat to date has publicly announced interest in the office. Democratic strategist Arielle Brandy said the delegates’ choice in the McGuire-Beckwith race is unlikely to factor into McCormick’s choice or Democrats’ general election strategy. Democrats will hold their state convention on July 13.

“Our biggest focus is still on (Braun) and his bad policies, and how bad he would be for our state if ultimately, he was governor, and being able to support Jennifer in who she decides,” Brandy said.

The delegates will also vote on a nominee for attorney general. Incumbent Todd Rokita is the only person running for that office.

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