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Trump verdict prompts sharply different presidential predictions from AlP panelists

AIP analysts on Trump verdict

Ali Bartlett and Arielle Brandy weigh in on the historic verdict for former President Trump

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — In a reflection of the larger divide in current American politics, two prominent local voices disagree completely about the potential fallout from former president Donald Trump on 34 felony charges.

Ali Bartlett, a longtime Republican consultant in central Indiana, and Arielle Brandy, the president of Indiana Young Democrats are panelists for “All INdiana Politics” on WISH-TV.

“This trial was politicized from the start,” Bartlett said.

Brandy counters, “Let’s remember, the criminal justice system worked.”

Such was the pattern of a lively conversation on Daybreak. Brandy and Bartlett feel that a historic verdict presents an opportunity for a Presidential candidate, but they vary sharply about which one.

“I think at the end of the day, (voters) will make the decision and know that they want a president who is going to be not only reliable but also upholds the law and also make sure that they’re being honest and not having to pay money in order to be able to get what they want,” said Brandy, arguing that the verdict boosts President Biden’s chances. “I think that it keeps voters voting with what they’re most comfortable with. And honestly, I think that it sways them more towards voting with Biden at the end of the day. I think the American people are very tired of all of this stuff being politicized, but I don’t think that it moves them more towards more ‘MAGA’ extreme policies and leadership.”

“I think this pushes people toward the direction of voting for President Trump,” holds Bartlett. “I mean, this is another political witch hunt. How many have we seen now? People are sick of it. We want change.” She also says, “To think that he could have gotten a fair trial in New York City is absolutely absurd. So when that happened, I think people’s eyes opened and said, ok, this is more political theater. “

The conversation continues with Brandy, Bartlett, and the entire “All INdiana Politics” team on Sunday at 9:30 a.m. on WISH-TV.