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Animal cruelty convict hands dogs over to animal clinic

WHITE COUNTY, Ind. (WLFI) — White County Superior Judge Robert Mrzlack did not order anyone to take Roger Wilson Jr.’s dogs from his home last Wednesday.

“In some cases, we are court ordered to remove the animals,” said White County Chief Deputy David Roth. “In this case, he actually just told Wilson that he had to get rid of his animals.”

However, News 18 requested the sentencing order and it states that Wilson must “immediately” re-home the dogs.

Wilson told deputies he was actively looking for a home for his dogs but nothing panned out. After a week of WLFI’s phone calls and messages from the community, the White County Sheriff’s Office and White County Probation Department decided to go to Wilson’s home. 

“We did what we could to speed things up for him,” said Roth. 

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Roth was told Roger Wilson Jr. did not own the dog he kicked and threw in the video that was recorded by a neighbor. He said Roger attacked that dog because it was trying to hurt his three dogs. Those dogs are now safe at the Monon Veterinary Clinic and are up for adoption. Roth said those three dogs showed no signs of being abused.

“He (Wilson) has now voluntarily worked with the probation and sheriff’s department to give his dogs up, so that they could have a good home,” said Roth. “All he wanted was for them not to be euthanized and we are going to make sure that takes place.”

Dr. Sam Shields owns the Monon Vet Clinic. She voluntarily took the dogs in saying, “We’ve been taking county strays for a long time. We are going to do everything possible to help these animals and hope for a positive outcome.”

Roth said Dr. Shields is such an asset to this community.

“This is exactly how I know her to be, very giving,” said Roth. 

He knows these dogs will find a loving home.

“They’re very playful, non-aggressive, very adoptable dogs,” said Roth.

If you are interested in adopting these dogs, visit the Monon Vet Clinic’s Facebook page.