Apartment complex residents evacuated due to fire at Hamilton Co. abandoned building

CICERO, Ind. (WISH) – Residents of a Cicero apartment complex had to be evacuated due to a nearby factory fire Sunday afternoon.

Crews from the Cicero, Noblesville and other Hamilton County fire departments responded to the area of West Brinton and South Peru Streets.

The back of the factory building caught fire for an unknown reason.

Wind then swept smoke to a nearby apartment complex. As a result, over 100 apartments at the Grissom Estates apartment complex had to be evacuated. Residents were out of their homes for over two hours.

“I was in the apartment and I could see it getting dark,” said Chris Stone who had to be evacuated. ” I thought it was just clouds coming in across the sky in front of the sun. But I saw they smoke blowing over and someone pulled the fire alarm, so I went and grabbed my son and ran outside,” he said.

“We grabbed everything and left. I thought our whole apartment was going to be on fire,” said Stephanie Spellman, as she was returning home.

Residents say the smoke was so thick, it looked like nighttime.

“We had a guy actually say he thought it was a tornado, because it was so dark,” said Spellman.

“I was gone and a friend of mine called and said that the place on was on fire,” said Andrew Higginbotham. His mom had to be evacuated and he was worried because my dog was upstairs, and so I had to rush back.

Fire officials have not released a cause of the fire yet.

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