App creates virtual friend to walk with, keeps you safe

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – A new app is helping parents concerned about their children’s safety worry a little less.

The new app called “Companion” was created by students at the University of Michigan to give parents with children at college a peace of mind.

The app is like a virtual friend to walk with. Companion uses the phone’s GPS to track your location.

Users can set a start and finish of a trip and share it with friends, family or your public safety department if you are feeling nervous about your safety.

The app also uses the phones censors to raise raid flags if the user falls down, suddenly starts running or unplugs their headphones. If you set off a “Smart Trigger” the app will check in on you. If you don’t respond the app will alert your companions.

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The app is available for Apple and Android users. For more information, click here.