April the giraffe is pregnant again!

HARPURSVILLE, NY (WCMH) — Zoo keepers have announced that April the giraffe is pregnant once again.

Last year, millions of people all over the world watched as a pregnant giraffe April paced around her enclosure at Animal Adventure Park in New York. 

For weeks captivated viewers anxiously watched April waiting for the baby to arrive, and on April 15 the little male giraffe, later named Tajiri was welcomed into the world.

During the Today Show, Wednesday, zookeepers announced that April was again pregnant. She’s due about next March. 

In June, the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium announced two of its giraffes, Cami and Zuri, were pregnant and due August and September.

Giraffes have a gestation period of more than 470 days, so it can take a while before keepers can confirm the animals are pregnant.