Indianapolis Colts

At Colts training camp, QB Luck eyes preseason opener

WESTFIELD, Ind. (WISH) – The quarterback quarantined from his starting offseason for 18 months is back.

According to Head Coach Frank Reich, the plan is to play quarterback Andrew Luck in the preseason opener at Seattle two weeks from Thursday. 

“It is the best I have felt in a long, long time,” Luck said. “I am really, really excited about this camp. It’s been a good previous two days with the rookies and the young guys. I can assure you no one is more excited than I am and no one cares about it more than I do.” 

Anthony Castonzo meanwhile is the leader in the clubhouse when describing the current mental state of his franchise quarterback. 

“I picture in my mind Liam Neesen in ‘Taken’ when he is like ‘I am a man of a single focus.’ … Andrew’s focus is so narrow right now on having the best season that he possibly can,” Castonzo said. “He is definitely ready to go.” 

The focus is certainly different this summer, and Luck’s body language on Wednesday was day and night from what we briefly saw last season. 

“I just hope I don’t fumble it on my first snap,” Luck said. “I know I haven’t played in a year in practice and it is a new regime, but I also know I have played a lot of football in my career and at times pretty darn well.”

Grand Park in Westfield is where the second chapter of Andrew Luck’s career begins. He will practice Thursday and Friday before taking this Saturday off. The real fun comes at Sunday’s practice with the Colts under the lights and in pads for the first time at camp. 

“We’ve got a lot of work to do,” Luck said. “I have a lot of work to do and that to me is exciting. It is not intimidating. I am nervous, it will be interesting stepping onto the field and practicing again. I am sure at times I will be like, ‘What the heck did I just do?'”

The fields are ready to go and for now there is a straight line from Luck to Week 1 against Cincinnati.