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Avon students with special needs operate fulfillment center to bring teachers free school supplies

AVON, Ind. (WISH) — Teachers within Avon Community Schools will now have free school supplies delivered right to their classrooms. 

It’s a result of a new partnership between the Avon Education Foundation and the high school work study program and it’s proving to have a huge impact on everyone involved. 

“My role in the AEF supply our school store is to be an awesome team member,” Annalee Camacho said. 

She is one of about a half-dozen Avon High School students who get to work in the basement of the Avon Community Schools Corporation Administration Building every day. Their goal is to fill teacher orders for free school supplies at the save our schools supply store. 

“Some of the things I do are print and organize orders, answer emails and help with manual tasks,” Camacho said. 

Sara Bender, executive director of the Avon Education Foundation, admits the shop was falling apart before these students took over. 

“They are just so excited to work and so helpful,” Bender said. 

But with the help of the students and a $2,500 grant from Teachers Credit Union, the shop is growing and answering to a higher demand. 

“They came down and reinvented the space, told us what they would need to make it successful for them and we’ve been really trying to get it there,” Bender said. 

The students have different levels of health challenges and physical and mental disabilities, but the work has left the them counting, not only items for orders, but sharpened skills that are piling up. 

“They have so many skills and they really just blossom, not only in their vocational skills, but their ability to socialize with others and be part of a team and we really see them thrive,” Kimberly Lobosky, transition coordinator for Avon Community Schools, said. 

Once orders are complete, the students even deliver them to teachers around the district. It’s all part of a full circle process to supply teachers what they need free of cost and create careers for these students. 

“This prepares me to be a better employee in the future,” Camacho said. 

And now that the Supply Our Schools is running so efficiently, school supplies are flying off the shelves. The Avon Education Foundation is asking for the community’s help to gather school supplies to help teachers. If you or your business would like to partner with the foundation, visit their website.