Ball State to make SAT and ACT scores optional for incoming underclassmen

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) –Ball State University on Monday announced a major shift in admissions policy when it comes to student applications; SAT and ACT scores will no longer be required for incoming undergrad students.

The new policy will take effect with the school’s freshman class in the fall of 2019. 

This change in policy will allow the university to consider other factors when considering student applications and says that a prospective student’s grade point average is a better indicator of how a student will perform in class and beyond. 

Dr. Kay Bales, Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Services commented on the change in policy:

“If students feel their SAT or ACT test scores don’t represent their academic abilities and decide not to submit them, we’ll holistically consider their academic work and difficulty, extracurricular participation, and any applicant statements or recommendations,” said Dr. Bales. “Our goal at Ball State is to lead students to have successful careers and meaningful lives. This starts by making college education a possibility for more qualified students.”