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Ballard talks about potential role in Trump administration

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Former Indianapolis mayor Greg Ballard told 24-Hour News 8 he has been in contact with President Trump’s administration since his January meeting at Trump Tower.

Ballard said it would be great to have a “chance to serve the country again” with a role in the Trump administration, but he’s also content in Indianapolis right now.

“I obviously know a few people up there, so we have been in contact a little bit. It’s a lot of timing — they’re just filling out, frankly, the first layer of their cabinet. Whatever happens, I tend to believe it will be a few months,” said Ballard.

In January, a Ballard spokesperson said the meeting was designed to see if the former mayor would be a good fit on President Trump’s staff.

Ballard did not discuss the specifics of the meeting but said he is open to the possibility of taking a role within the administration if it made sense for him and his wife.

“There are several things that I’m very interested in obviously. Energy being one of them, but I had a rather extensive marine background, too. So that may be of interest to some folks,” said Ballard.

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