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Baptist pastor accused of molesting 3 girls

RUSHVILLE, Ind. (WISH) — A Rushville pastor is behind bars accused of molesting girls.

One alleged victim is 3 years old.

It happened at the Rushville Baptist Temple Church on Spencer Street.

The investigation began Sept. 4. Rushville police say the 3-year-old victim told her mom that 72-year old Garry Evans, the pastor, touched her inappropriately. Since then more victims have come forward.

Martha Schneyer lives near church. “You always hate when you read anything that’s evil. And that’s evil.”

Evans has lead the church for more than 25 years.

Police arrested him Wednesday night. He’s accused of molesting three girls ages 3 to 7.

“That is so sad. Those children are ruined now for life. I mean they’ll have problems,” Schneyer said. “He should be out of the church. Out of the church and the public. That’s for sure.”

Investigators said they believe Evans would get the girls from Bible study, offer them candy in his office, and touch them or have them touch him inappropriately. Police said the assaults would last a few minutes before he returned them to Bible study

After a 3-year-old came forward, police said, one other mom came forward regarding her 5- and 7-year-old daughters. Investigators said they believe Evans had been molesting the 5-year-old since she started kindergarten this year and the 7-year-old every time she went to church over the past year.

“We’re hopeful that now that the word is out, this will help get the word around enough that if there are other victims out there, that we’ll know about them in the near future,” Rushville Police Chief Craig Tucker said.

One other woman came forward and said she was victimized by Evans nearly 30 years ago.

Evans, who is in jail, declined WISH-TV’s request for an interview.