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Bill would allow Indiana schools to stock Narcan

INDIANAPOLIS Ind. (WISH) – Legislation moving through the Indiana Statehouse may allow schools to carry the lifesaving overdose drug known as Narcan. Naloxone, the drug’s technical name, would be used for emergency purposes under the new bill.

Right now schools are allowed to keep Epinephrine on hand to stop severe allergic reactions. This new bill authored by Sen. Mark Stoops would allow schools to stock and fill prescriptions for Naloxone for heroin overdoses and Albuterol for asthma attacks.

The drugs would only be allowed to be purchased by the school or school corporation, and they would have to be administrated by a nurse. The bill would require schools to report all use of the drug to the department of health.

Supporters say the emergency medications are there for students as well as the general population who may have a life-threatening emergency while at a school.

The Senate Health and Provider Services Committee approved the bill 10-0.

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