Borinstein family remembered at youth service

NEW PALESTINE, Ind. (WISH) — Central Indiana residents continued to grieve for the Borinstein family of Shelbyville on Sunday.

“Death is one of those times, it’s kind of that gauge that says it’s a time to stop and evaluate and reflect,” said Rev. Paul Romoser at a prayer service at Brookville Road Community Church in New Palestine.

Three members of the Borinstein family were killed Friday in a Virginia plane crash. Fifty-two-year-old Lisa Borinstein and two of her children, 19-year-old Luke and 15-year-old Emma, died along with 64-year-old William Hamerstadt of Carmel and two other people from outside Indiana.

“It’s important for God’s family to come together in times of difficulty and struggles,” Romoser said.

Nearly 300 young people joined together in prayer and song to remember the Borinsteins.

“There’s such a mystery to death, and so coming together helps us equalize that and puts a meaning to what life is about,” Romoser explained.

The family was a member of the church for the better part of a decade.

“Luke, man he just blessed my life so much. And so many of you guys’ lives — and Emma and Lisa,” said Taylor Lehman, another minister at the church.

Luke was remembered for his love of algebra. His sister Emma is remembered for her love of volleyball. And their mother, Lisa, was remembered for keeping the family together after her husband died 18 months ago.

“We just really wanted the time for them to be able to focus on just the healing process that needs to happen,” Romoser said.

But the overall message may be something they’re too young to comprehend.

“As Christians, if our goal is to get to heaven then isn’t that what we’re aiming towards? And when somebody else gets there, they get to the finish line, we should be excited for them,” Romoser explained.

The three were traveling to Virginia to see Drew Borinstein graduate from the Virginia Military Institute. Drew is an older sibling of Luke and Emma.The only other surviving family member is Beau, a sophomore at Triton Central High School. He had stayed behind from the trip to play in a football game.

The superintendent of the Northwestern Consolidated School District says grief counselors will be available when school is back in session Monday.

The district is planning a service for the family, and details are expected to be announced Monday morning.