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Son of former Colts player missing for weeks found at Logansport home; parents in custody

Son of former Colts player found safe, parents under arrest

UPDATE: According to a report by I-Team 8’s Kody Fisher, the judge is holding both parents without bond, saying the two are a flight risk. The judge said their failure to comply with anything over the last two weeks is why we’re here.

Daniel Muir said, “I have children man.”

Kristen Muir is nursing a 8-month-old child.

The defense attorney for Kristen said he believes holding her without bond violates her constitutional rights because the Indiana bond matrix says the bond should be $500 surety or $100 cash for the level 6 felony.

The parents will be back in court at 9 a.m. on July 16 for a hearing about bond and the no-contact order that was granted.

LOGANSPORT, Ind. (WISH) — Bryson Muir, a 14-year-old boy missing from Logansport since June 16 and son of former Colts defensive tackle Daniel Muir, has been found safe.

Indiana State Police said Bryson was unharmed.

Bryson has been missing since June 16, where he was last seen leaving Ohio with his mother, Kristen, after visiting his grandmother, Cheryl Wright. ISP says Wright called police after he left to report Bryson might have been abused, and asked police not to let Bryson go home with his mother.

A picture shared by police taken on June 16 showed Bryson with a swollen black eye. In a recording of the 911 call obtained by News 8, Wright can be heard asking police to pull over Kristen and Bryson.

“I need you guys to stop them,” she said. “(I think) he’s being abused.”

When Ohio police pulled over Kristen Muir’s vehicle before returning to Logansport, Bryson was not inside.

Bryson Muir.
(Provided Photos/Indiana State Police Peru District)

On June 18, Indiana State Police visited the Muir home in the 1700 block of U.S. 24 in Logansport at the request of the Department of Child Services to investigate allegations of domestic abuse.

ISP Capt. Ron Galaviz says Kristen Muir and Bryson’s father, Daniel, took several days to contact before finally cooperating with the investigation.

An Indiana Silver Alert was issued for Bryson on June 28, nearly two weeks after he was reported missing.

Around 6 a.m. Wednesday, ISP SWAT forces executed a search warrant on the Muir home. Bryson Muir was found inside with his parents.

Following Bryson’s discovery early Wednesday morning, Daniel and Kristen were arrested for obstruction of justice. Daniel also faces charges of domestic battery. Both were being held at the Cass County Jail. A bond hasn’t been set.

Indiana State Police previously reported that the property in Logansport is owned by the Servant Leadership Foundation, a nonprofit religious group.

Daniel Muir is part of Straitway Truth Ministry, a controversial religious sect where members, who identify as Hebrew Israelites, live in a commune.

I-Team 8’s Cat Sandoval spoke to the family’s neighbors and they all declined to be on camera for fear of retaliation. They describe the property and Straitway Truth Ministry as “scary,” “creepy” and “cult-like.” Multiple “no trespassing” signs line the property gates. Some family members said they’d heard gunshots from the property. 

Charles Dowell, head pastor of Straitway Truth Ministries, issued a video response on the Muir’s arrests Wednesday morning.

He says the raid happened while “the Israelites were in prayer,” and all happened over “an allegation” made to Indiana DCS. “No one really knows what happened,” he said.

Dowell says that while he imagines the fallout from the “allegation” will not end well, the church “will not take any of this lying down.”

“We’re coming. You better believe we’re coming,” Dowell said. “We’re gonna see how funny everything is when the smoke clears and when you really truly find out they made a mountain out of a molehill.”

Anyone with further information on the disappearance was asked to call Indiana State Police at 800-382-0689 or 911. 

News 8’s Cat Sandoval contributed to this report.

Indiana State Police on the scene of the Muir home in Logansport, Indiana.
(WISH Photo)

Help is available for victims of domestic violence. Below is a list of suggested resources on the Domestic Violence Network website: