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Brebeuf school holds parent meeting after archdiocese decision

Brebeuf school hosts parent meeting after archdiocese decision

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — On Monday night, parents of students at Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School got the chance to take their questions to administrators, just four days after the Archdiocese of Indianapolis announced it was cutting ties with Brebeuf over the school’s refusal to fire a teacher who is in a same-sex marriage.

Media was not allowed inside for the meeting, but parents leaving the meetings talked about their questions. 

Brebeuf school holds parent meeting after archdiocese decision

“I think there’s a lot of confusion, particularly because we’ve seen the different implications at Roncalli and Brebeuf and Cathedral as well. So there were a lot of questions about why things were different at each institution,” said Jennifer McGowan, who attended the meeting as a parent of former Brebeuf students.

About 125 parents, alumni and some staff gathered in Brebeuf’s chapel to hear from school administrators on the impact of splitting from the Archdiocese of Indianapolis. 

“There were a lot of emotions that were evoked by this situation. As a longtime Catholic, there is some conflict,” said Brebeuf parent Butch Humbert.

School leadership and funding were among topics of conversation during the hourlong meeting. 

But Humbert said, “It’s clear from hearing from Principal Vanslambrook and Father Verbreicht that the operations and the mission of the school will remain unchanged.”

Parents told News 8 that while the overwhelming majority of those in attendance supported Brebeuf’s decision not to fire the teacher, some people did have concerns.

Some parents said they understand the issue is controversial and hope Monday night’s conversation will bring some long-term answers.

“It is difficult. I’m hopeful, and I pray that this situation and others like it will lead to a more informed interpretation of the words of Jesus Christ and can lead to positive change in the Catholic Church,” said Humbert.

The Midwest Jesuits said Thursday that it will appeal the archbishop’s decision “through the formal appeal process established in church law: first, pursuing local recourse to the Archbishop, and, if necessary, hierarchical recourse to the Vatican.”