Brownsburg face-lift nearly done; downtown eager for re-opening

Nearly $90M redevelopment plan in the works for Brownsburg

BROWNSBURG, Ind. (WISH) — A multimillion-dollar redevelopment plan in Brownsburg is nearly wrapped up.

The downtown area is getting a massive face-lift, and town officials hope the result will prove to be a financial shot in the arm to the community.

A final part of the effort is road work. The half-mile stretch of road on North Green Street has been shut down for construction for more than a year. It was part of a bigger plan that town officials hope will bring more people to downtown Brownsburg.

Brownsburg face-lift nearly done; downtown eager for re-opening

“A lot of the roads in Hendricks County were built when cars weren’t as wide as they are, so now it’s changed things to what they need to be,” said Brownsburg Town Council President Brian Jessen.

The $6.1 million Green Street project will not only repair rundown roads, widen streets and add turn lanes and bike lanes, but also, more importantly, add pedestrian sidewalks.

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Brownsburg officials said the improvements are all key components in getting more people downtown. 

“It really has changed the dynamic of town. It will help improve the traffic flow through town. It will help with giving more of a central area into town as far as the new downtown redevelopment as well as a connection to all the old part of town, what’s left,” Jessen said.

For Jeff Sepiol, Green Street opening is crucial. His new restaurant, Rush Off Main, is right in the middle of construction and in the heart of the town’s $90 million redevelopment, which added mixed use buildings with new restaurants, retail and apartments.

“We wanted to be a part of this early because the developments like this in Carmel and Fishers and elsewhere even south of the city, there have been a few like this where they just seemed to spread over the course of time and the area just became bigger and better,” Sepiol said.

While construction continues, Sepiol said he is looking forward to what the new additions will bring. 

“I think the town will reap all the benefits over the course of time, and it will grow the right way,” Sepiol said.

Town officials said a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the project will come at the end of June as construction on North Green Street is expected to be wrapped up by July 1.