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Budget-friendly, water-resistant flooring options

Budget-friendly, water-resistant flooring options

When it comes to flooring that can hold water, there are a variety of looks, prices and options. So, where do you begin and what should you look for?

Ryan Salzwedel, “The Empire Man,” discusses these questions in a Q & A format. Take a look!

Question 1: I want wood look flooring in my kitchen and bathroom, but I’m afraid that wood will not hold up when it gets wet. What are my options?

Homeowners love the look of hardwood in their home. But, real wood and water don’t mix. Hardwood can become uneven and even warp if it is exposed to too much moisture. However, Empire has the solution – you can get a water-resistant floor without sacrificing the stylish look of wood. Empire carries many water-resistant flooring options for almost any look or budget. 

Budget-friendly, water-resistant flooring options

Question 2: What are my flooring options?

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Here are three types of floors Empire carries that can handle exposure to water:

First Option: Vinyl Plank 
•    This is a vinyl plank flooring. One of the most popular wood-look floors we offer – with good reason!
•    It looks and feels so much like real wood, most people can’t tell the difference.
•    Plus, it’s 100% waterproof. Since it’s vinyl from top to bottom, it doesn’t allow liquid to seep through and won’t be affected by moisture.
•    Great for kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms – essentially it’s great for your whole house.
•    It helps keeps spills on the surface making cleanup tremendously easy. 
•    It’s also extremely durable, scratch-resistant, dent-resistant, scuff-resistant, and stain resistant – this is ideal for homes with kids, pets, and higher traffic.
•    Has a cork backing that helps reduce noise and makes the floor feel warmer.
•    Budget-friendly without sacrificing quality or style.

Second Option: Laminate
•    This is wood laminate, which also looks just like real wood floors. Notice the texture and color looks incredibly authentic. It even has a wood grain!
•    It’s also 100% waterproof. It can tolerate splashes, spills, and condensation from showers.
•    Special scratch resistant finish so you can worry less about your pet’s nails or kids running through the house. 
•    Plus, it’s manufactured in the USA. 

Third Option: Tile 
•    Porcelain tile that looks like wood planks. These wood tile floors have become very popular in the last couple of years.
•    This floor is moisture resistant and has a slip-resistant surface, making it an ideal choice for bathrooms. 
•    When installed this is grouted, just like a tile, which looks great… a definite designer look.

Areas of your home that are damp, moist, or flat out wet pose challenges for flooring, since so many flooring materials are susceptible to mold, rot, or mechanical breakdown of the materials when they are subjected to moisture.

So, if you’re thinking about new floors for your bathroom, kitchen, or really any room that might see a splash or spill, there are some really beautiful options Empire carries. And, you won’t have to worry about dampness, moisture, or flat out wetness ruining your floor.

Budget-friendly, water-resistant flooring options

Question #3: How does Empire work?

Empire Today makes getting beautiful new floors easy!
•    Shop-at-Home: Empire brings the store to you. You don’t have to spend time driving all over town shopping for floors. A knowledgeable flooring professional will bring 100s of samples right to your home.
•    Quality Products: Empire offer products we would want to have in our own homes. Quality makes the difference in floors – and it’s what you can expect from the products Empire Today carries.
•    All-Inclusive Price Estimate: Empire Today takes the guesswork out of knowing how much new floors will cost. You’ll get a simple, all-inclusive estimate – with no hidden fees – during your in-home appointment. Everything from the product, padding, and installation, to the removal and hauling away of your existing floors, plus clean up when the project is complete. We’ll even put your furniture back in place when we are done.
•    Get Professional Installation, even Next Day: You don’t have to wait weeks for new floors. Because we stock 100s of floors you can get new floors tomorrow. For over 60 years, Empire has installed floors in millions of homes. It’s what we do, every day – we handpick the best crews and ensure every detail of your custom installation is just right.

Question #4: How do viewers get started with Empire?

•    Call our famous number, and I am sure you can even sing the jingle, 800-588-2300 or visit to schedule an in-home appointment.

Vinyl Plank Flooring
•    Fastest growing wood look product
•    Vinyl Plank is extremely durable, requires low maintenance, and is more budget friendly
•    Can look like true hardwood flooring 
•    Comes in a variety of colors 
•    Vinyl Plank is highly resistant to scuffs and scratches
•    Vinyl Plank is an excellent choice for rooms that get a lot of traffic
•    Withstands water, and it doesn’t easily dent, scratch, stain, or fade
•    Vinyl Plank is generally seen in “hardworking” rooms (kitchens, baths, entryways, basements, playrooms) but we’ve seen many people put this in their living rooms, bedrooms, and dining rooms
•    Pet Friendly. Luxury vinyl plank floors stand up to pets’ nails and messes better than almost any other surfaces, and it’s comfortable for pets to walk and sleep on

Laminate Flooring
•    Allows you to have the look of hardwood flooring at a lower price
•    Laminate is a durable, affordable floor surface that resists stains and fading
•    Laminate flooring won’t change color the way wood does, but its sturdiness makes it a favorite for many homeowners, especially if you have kids or pets
•    Incredibly realistic graining, authentic coloring, and rich textures
•    Many styles even have wood knots, cross-sawn marks, hand-scraping, wire brushed surfaces and distressing
•    Laminate is available in a range of glossy or matte coatings, depending on the preferred look
•    The finish of laminate flooring is much more durable than hardwood, and can be more scratch resistant
•    Laminate isn’t as susceptible to dents and gouges that hardwood may develop
•    Laminate flooring is easy to clean, just sweep or vacuum regularly, and occasionally wipe using a cleaner made for laminate floor

Tile Flooring
•    Wood-look tile has become one of the biggest trends in home décor 
•    Tile is a great option for areas of your home where hardwood is typically not recommended, such as bathrooms and kitchens
•    Scratch and scuff resistant
•    Moisture resistant 
•    Available in wood-like planks which can give them impression of a wood look
•    Wood-look porcelain tile doesn’t need routine polishing, and it is easy to clean, all you need is a damp mop and bucket 

Empire makes getting beautiful new floors easy. Call today.

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