2nd scooter business set to launch in downtown Indy

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – People downtown could soon see more electric scooters.

Lime-S scooters are expected to be on the streets Saturday.

Lime is already operating in 70 markets across the country.

“I love the scooters,” Indy resident Jim Zaloudek said.” “Scooters are a great idea. When we are trying to attract companies like Amazon to our town, these are the type of things you want to see.” 

The Lime-S scooters will cost $1 to unlock and 15 cents per minute to ride — the same price as the Bird scooters that hit the streets earlier in June. The Bird scooters have already proven to be popular.

The city on Monday sent Bird a cease-and-desist letter, asking for 30 days to develop an ordinance regulating scooters, but officials later backed off their request.

Either way, Indy residents as well as tourists tell WISH-TV they don’t mind having two companies in town and say a little competition never hurt anyone. 

“Having competitors is always good,” Zaloudek said. “That’s why you have Uber and Lyft. It’s a convenience factor.” 

“Sometimes when you over-regulate things, some people can’t use for instance this Bird the way that they want to,” Kris Zaloudek said. “I think it’s a balance between regulation and over regulation.” 

“I think it’s great,” Eric Preston said. “Competition is always good. More scooters available for all the tourists coming in town. I don’t see a down side.” 

Bird has said it is operating in accordance with all laws and regulations.

The city’s letter did not say whether Bird is violating any city ordinances. 

No word yet if the city plans to send that same letter to Lime-S scooters.