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After the Bell: Stocks shaky; reaction to Netflix plans; fix-it-yourself iPhone 14

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Monday was another shaky day on Wall Street in anticipation of the Federal Reserve again raising interest rates.

The central bank will announce Wednesday how much it’ll raise the benchmark rate. Most expect another 0.75 of a percentage point hike.

The Federal Reserve has declared inflation “public enemy No 1,” yet another 0.75 of a percentage point hike should help cool down the high cost of living. Expect other rates on credit cards and auto loans to follow suit.

Wednesday’s expected rate hike will be the Fed’s fifth interest rate hike this year, and there’s still plenty of talk of recession.

Reaction to Netflix plans

Netflix moving to an ad-supported tier might be the ticket. Oppenheimer just upgraded the stock, saying Netflix will add a huge audience with the lower-cost ad-supported plan, and increase revenue.

Convincing investors is another thing; the stock is still down 60% year-to-date.

DIY fixes on iPhone 14

Turns out Apple’s newest iPhone is the easiest to repair since 2016. The iPhone 14 is the most do-it-yourself fixable phone since the iPhone 7.

The right-to-repair movement has affected whether people can fix devices themselves. You can replace the back glass and screen by removing only two screws.