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Brewery offers beer in exchange for PPE donations

**Embargo: Kansas City, KS-MO** Brewery offers beer for PPE donations

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (KCTV) — Senior living facilities and other small medical practices are still struggling to find personal protective equipment, but now a brewery is offering up a reward for anyone willing to donate it.

A few weeks ago, Strange Days Brewing started a campaign to get people to donate PPE in exchange for beer. Head Brewer Damon Arredondo thought beer would be a nice incentive.

“We especially feel the responsibility to do good because we have that platform, or that access,” Arredondo said. “Granted it’s not equal, equipment for beer, but right now the fight is for all this stuff.”

Donations started to trickle in, but now the bar tab isn’t as high as they had hoped. A few items are being donated, but it’s slowed down since the brewery announced its exchange program.

“There was kind of a lull and it lost some momentum,” Arredondo said.

While rainy days like Friday may have some wanting to blame it on the weather, Arredondo believes there are larger things at play.

“We know the equipment is out there. People are holding onto it,” he said.

Even with just a few donations, Strange Days is hoping to keep finding ways to adapt. The brewery is hoping to work with its cleaning supply provider to offer affordable hand sanitizer. Through these challenging times, Arredondo says they will adapt.

“Necessity drives innovation. I’m trying to do more and be creative.”

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