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Brides stranded without wedding dresses after store shuts down

A bridal nightmare: Gretchen’s Bridal shuts down

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Gretchen’s Bridal Gallery on East 82nd Street at Castleton Point Shopping Center has left central Indiana brides shocked and in uncertainty.

The store near Keystone at the Crossing closed its doors without warning. The owner has reportedly vanished, disconnecting a personal cellphone and deleting all social media accounts.

Google on Wednesday listed the store at 5447 E. 82nd St. as “Permanently closed.”

Bride Melody Personette said, “It’s just not giving me enough time. Like, it’s now eight weeks from the wedding, and it’s all very stressful and a huge time crunch.”

Brides typically order their wedding dresses from 6-9 months in advance. At Gretchen’s Bridal Gallery, some peple had already paid in full.

Melody Personette said, “It was really frustrating and upsetting. I really loved that dress I had gotten. I was really mission-focused and knew I had to find a dress that can’t be topped.”

Frantic brides have pulled out their receipts to prove their orders were placed at Gretchen’s Bridal Gallery.

Melody’s mother, Melissa Personette, said “They’ve texted me once a month saying, ‘Your dress is being ordered,’ or our dress is ‘in transit,’ which I’m not sure I believe them now. But for some reason, they’re still texting me today saying we’ll make this right.”

News 8 reached out to the building’s landlord. It has taken possession of the space and changed the locks.

“On Monday, July 1st , The Broadbent Company discovered that their tenant, Gretchen’s Bridal, located at 5447 E. 82nd Street, had permanently closed for business.

“After several failed attempts to contact the owners, the landlord changed the locks on the premises to secure the space and its contents.

“The Broadbent Company appreciates the burden that the closing has placed on brides-to be, and will work with them to help reunite them with their dresses.

“Customers that have proof of purchase for gowns at Gretchen’s Bridal should contact The Broadbent Company at 317-237-2900 during normal business hours.”

The Broadbent Company, via Tammy Brooks

Other help may be on the way.

Sophia’s Bridal & Tux, which has a location near the closed store, has reached out to the landlord and the brides.

“We have heard from a lot of people that they don’t know what’s going on, what to do, or who to talk to. We have contact with the designers, and, if they can send us their information of what they got, what their dress was, and any pictures, and we can help track it down,” said Jessica Limeberry, owner of Sophia’s Bridal and Tux.

Any brides looking for assistance can email or call (317) 288-2903.