Friday’s business headlines

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Here’s a look at Friday’s business headlines with Jane King.

American Airlines offers pilots big raises

American Airlines offered pilots raises totaling nearly 17% under a new contract, according to an internal video seen by CNBC. Its proposal includes a 6% raise at signing and then 5% raises at the start of 2023 and 2024.

OPEC to stay the course with production policy

OPEC and non-OPEC partners, a group sometimes referred to as OPEC+, concluded a meeting via videoconference and decided to stay the course with its production policy.

It means the Middle East-dominated group will increase monthly overall production for the month of August to 648,000 barrels per day.

Back-to-school shopping expected to drop this year

Strapped consumers are on track to sharply curtail their shopping sprees for kids going back to school.

Consulting firm Customer Growth Partners says the critical back-to-school shopping season, which kicks off after July 4 weekend, will grow by 5.5% this year, compared to torrid 13% growth in 2021.

Many adults think schools should teach video games

A new study shows a majority of adults think video games should be taught in schools.

Video game maker Wargaming and market research company One Poll teamed up to carry out the study.

Many respondents credit video games with teaching them critical thinking and communication skills as well as increasing their creativity and hand-eye coordination.

Buy gas from your dashboard with Apple CarPlay

A new Apple CarPlay feature will let you buy gas from the dashboard.

It allows users to tap an app to navigate to a pump and buy gas straight from a screen in the car, skipping the usual process of inserting or tapping a credit card.