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Friday’s business headlines

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Here’s a look at Friday’s business headlines with Jane King.

Student debt keeping many millennials from starting families

Millennials say student debt is keeping them from having children.

That could have a negative impact on the U.S. economy for decades.

Forty-three million Americans have student loan debt, totaling $1.6 trillion. With monthly payments averaging $800, many say they aren’t sure how they would afford child care.

About 70% percent of millennials and Gen Z who have student loans say they delayed a major financial decision as a result of the debt.

Live Nation proposes concert reforms

Live Nation is calling on the government to deter scalpers.

It says elected officials should give artists more control over ticket sales and limit scalper activity.

The company also says artists should be able to decide how tickets can be resold and by whom.

Live Nation says that, across the entire industry, ticket sellers should more openly disclose the full price of tickets, including fees they charge.

Study: AI will perform 40% of household chores by 2033

Researchers from England’s Oxford University suggest that by 2033, many household chores will be automated, decreasing the average amount of time we spend on “a domestic task” by 39%.

The time spent doing housework will decrease by 44% over the next 10 years, they said, with time spent washing dishes decreasing by 47% and cleaning and cooking by 46%.

Experts also estimated that laundry will be 43% automated, and the time it takes to fold laundry will decrease by 44%.

Indy neighborhood ranked among nation’s most affluent

Crows Nest, with 26 households and a population of 75, has an average household income of $549,000, according to U.S. Census Bureau data. That’s the eighth-highest average income in the country.

Crows Nest is south of Kessler Boulevard, east of Lieber Road, and west of the White River near Butler University and the Highland Golf and Country Club.