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Jane King: Thursday’s business headlines

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Here’s a look at Thursday’s business headlines with Jane King.

Thousands get error message at Amazon checkout

Thousands of customers looking to buy something on Amazon Wednesday saw an error message on the checkout page. The issue is the most commonly reported problem related to checkout for the central shopping hub.

Disney+ adding ads

Disney+ is adding ads Thursday. According to a study from Kantar Research, one in four Disney+ subscribers will trade down to the ad supported tier. That is abut 46 million of the total subscriber base for Disney+. The ad free experience will increase to $10.99 a month.

8% of Americans view cryptocurrency positively

Just 8% of Americans have a positive view of cryptocurrencies. A CNBC survey finds Americans with a negative view of cryptocurrencies jumped to 43% up from 25% in March.

GameStop: Retail stores still struggling

GameStop posted the biggest quarterly drop in revenue in two years, showing the struggling video game retailer’s efforts to boost digital purchases have not compensated for a decline in sales at the stores.

The broader gaming industry is in decline as well, with overall spending down 5% from a year ago, according to NPD group.

The S&P 500 down for fifth straight day

The S&P 500 is down for the fifth straight day and investors can’t seem to shale the fears of a recession.