Jiffy Lube, law enforcement team up to give drivers gift cards, not tickets

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Law enforcement in Marion County is giving drivers a second chance by surprising them with a $25 Jiffy Lube gift card instead of receiving a ticket.

It’s part of the No Ticket, Let’s Fix it campaign for those with a minor vehicle equipment violation.

Jiffy Lube has donated over $200,000 to participating police departments statewide, including Indianapolis Metro Police Department (IMPD), Marion County Sheriff’s Office and the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office.

The prosecutor’s office will hand out the gift cards to drivers who appear in traffic court for minor equipment violations like a broken head light, brake light or tail light.

“They can be a safety issue,” said executive director of Indy Public Safety, Dane Nutty. “If your turn signal is out, if your head light or tail light, that can cause significant issues. It’s very important to get that fixed. This provides an officer with another tool or resource to be able to encourage somebody to get that fixed.”

The No Ticket, Let’s Fix it campaign slowly rolled out in February and the owner of Jiffy Lube of Indiana said it’s been a success.

“When people come in with those (gift cards) our guys are asking ‘tell me you how I got this?’ We’re hearing great stories,” Jiffy Lube of Indiana owner Steve Sanner said. “ Like ‘Oh my God, he pulled me over and I thought I was going to get a ticket and all of a sudden he just came up and said ‘Hey, I’m going to solve your problem today. Here’s $25 to get it fixed at Jiffy Lube.’ It just feels great for our guys. It just seems like a feel-good for the citizens that do get pulled over and I think the police officers are enjoying it as well.”

Jiffy Lube of Indiana has donated $62,000 to the Central Indiana Police Foundation to work with smaller police departments. 

The campaign will continue until all gift cards have been distributed