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McDonald’s announces return of Halloween pails — just in time for trick-or-treating

McDonald's announces return of Halloween pails. Press release:

(CNN) — What’s spookier than a bit of Halloween-themed nostalgia?

McDonald’s has announced the return of its retro Halloween Pails, a long-standing tradition first released by the fast-food chain in 1986. The cute buckets will return to stores on October 18, according to a news release published by McDonald’s on Thursday. There are three variants: white McBoo, orange McPunk’n and green McGoblin.

They’ll be in stock until October 31 while supplies last, McDonald’s said. You’ll have to purchase a Happy Meal if you want one.

The adorable, retro-style buckets are good for more than just storing candy during trick-or-treating, according to the McDonald’s. The chain highlighted fans who had reused the buckets as planters, makeshift drums, and home decor.

This isn’t McDonald’s first play on its customers’ nostalgia this autumn. At the end of September, the company introduced an “adult Happy Meal” featuring some of the company’s famous mascots like Grimace and the Hamburglar.