Monday’s business headlines

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Here’s a look at Monday’s business headlines.

Back to work

Big insurers like Chubb, AIG, and Travelers are bracing for an onslaught of claims related to employment and labor lawsuits as workers head back to the office.

One expert said employers are walking a tightrope in organizing a return to work, fraught with liability and risk.

A court date is coming up later in May that might decide if a worker can be fired for not getting the COVID vaccine and that’s just one of several lawsuits making their way through the system.


Starbucks is reportedly considering leaving Facebook over hateful comments.

Buzzfeed says Starbucks is considering leaving Facebook due to the tone of comments left on its posts about social issues and racial justice.

Should Starbucks remove its page from the social media platform, it would be one of the largest companies to do so but not the first.

Elon Musk removed the SpacEx and Tesla Facebook pages in 2018.


Apple released iOS 14.5 to the public at the end of April, which included the ability to stop apps from tracking your activity for ad targeting purposes.

So far only 4% of Americans are OK with Facebook and other tracking our activity.

According to Verizon media-owned Flurry Analytics, almost every is saying “no, thanks.”

iOs users who never want to be tracking don’t need to reject apps individually, they can simply go to setting, privacy and tracking and toggle “allow apps to request to track” off.


The nation’s largest wireless carriers are lobbying to delay a new regulation on robocalls.

The rule is aimed at overseas scammers who make them, citing concerns that the rule could end up blocking legitimate calls.

Many of the billions of robocalls annoying Americans emanate from India, the Philippines and other countries. FCC officials says the regulation, known as the Foreign Provider Prohibition, would allow them to better trace the sources of illegal calls and block companies that carry them.


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