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Monday’s business headlines

Monday’s business headlines

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Here’s a look at Monday’s business headlines with Jane King.

Last minute Thanksgiving buys

Check out what customers are buying at the last minute before the Thanksgiving holiday.

Instacart says the top three items people waited until the 11th hour to buy were whipped cream, pumpkin pie and elbow pasta.

Among non-food items, the top three list consists of disposable plates and cups, followed by aluminum foil in second and disposable utensils in third.

Smaller plates at Thanksgiving due to Ozempic

More Americans on Ozempic means smaller plates at thanksgiving

People on weight-loss drugs are less fixated on the turkey and trimmings.

Millions of Americans are now taking appetite suppressing glp-1 hormone injections, and for many this will be their first thanksgiving on the drug.

Air travel records this holiday

Airline stocks have settled down in the past few months as the ‘revenge travel’ after the pandemic died down, but airlines expect the most air travelers ever this holiday season.

Cheaper airfare than last year is providing some relief to travelers.

More early Black Friday discounts

Early Black Friday discounts were far higher this October compared to the last few years.

That could be a signal that retailers could be worried about holiday demand.’That could be a signal that retailers could be worried about holiday demand.

Both the depth of discounts and the total amount of items on sale were higher in October compared to the last four years.

Some retailers, like Walmart and Home Depot, have already said that consumers are getting more cautious.

Texas Roadhouse rolls at home for limited time

According to a manager at a Texas Roadhouse restaurant, customers can place their names on a sign-up sheet to receive the frozen rolls in time for Thanksgiving, but the sign-up sheet is only available in person or over the phone the week of Thanksgiving.

However, some on TikTok said you’ll have to stand in line for the famous rolls on Nov. 22, the day before Thanksgiving.

The best advice? Call your local restaurant and see what the protocol is.