Pharmacy fulfillment solutions provider moving HQ to Indy, plans to hire 400

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – On Tuesday morning, a pharmacy fulfillment solutions provider iA announced plans to move their global headquarters to Indianapolis.

The business iA provides pharmacy automation fulfillment solutions to retail, hospital, federal health care and mail-order pharmacy markets. The business announced its move from the 15th floor of 8888 Keystone Crossing, their future home. It creates software that automates the filling of prescriptions and other processes.

Now employing 400 in New York state, the company plans to hire more than 400 people at its headquarters in Indianapolis by 2023. The company plans to have the headquarters open and operational by April 2021.

“With a thriving tech ecosystem and history of life sciences excellence, Indiana is the perfect place for companies like iA to establish its home base,” Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb said in a statement. “We’re excited iA has chosen to grow in Indiana and create hundreds of high-wage jobs for Hoosiers.”

“We’re excited to welcome hundreds of new jobs at iA’s new global headquarters, right here in Indianapolis,” Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett in a statement. “Today’s announcement is a testament to our city’s strong partnership with the state of Indiana, as well as to our business-friendly economic ecosystem, our high quality of life and our ability to attract and retain high-wage jobs.”

CEO Marvin Richardson said they chose Indiana for 3 reasons: It’s a low-tax, pro-business state; a history with biopharma; and a diverse talent pool.

“We’re looking for software developers, we’re looking for engineers, we’re looking for customer service experts, and we’re looking for pharmacy professionals.” said Marvin Richardson, chief executive officer of iA.

A representative with IA told News 8 its robot within the machine can fill a prescription roughly every 7 seconds. The machine was not designed to replace a pharmacist but to reduce their workload.

“The pharmacist now, instead of spending 100% of their time dispensing and checking prescriptions, is spending 40%-60% of their time doing that. That gives them 40%-60% to patient-face and vaccinate,” Richardson said.

As Indiana works to vaccinate against COVID-19, the flu, shingles and other ailments, ‘to get that done, we have got to take work out of these stores to allow these pharmacists to patient-face. That’s really what we’re going to be going,” Richardson said.

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