Pickle-flavored hard seltzer is coming this summer after April Fool’s tease

BrüMate and Crook & Marker® have announced the launch of the Crook’d Brü™ Series with the Afternoon Dillight Hard Pickle Seltzer. (Provided Photo/BrüMate and Crook & Marker®)

(CNN) — What started as a 2020 April Fool’s joke is becoming reality, giving the hard seltzer hype a controversial twist.

Drinkware company BrüMate and beverage company Crook & Marker announced they are working together on a pickle-flavored hard seltzer called Afternoon Dillight.

The announcement comes more than a year after BrüMate teased the Afternoon Dillight, which it said was the world’s first pickle hard seltzer. The company made the social media post on April 1, leaving many pickle fans salty it was only a joke.

Now promoting their real, soon-to-be released product, the two brands are promising to pack a crunch and a buzz in their new collaboration.

While a release date hasn’t been announced yet, the companies said it will happen this summer.

But it’s a limited release. Those interested in purchasing need to sign up to be on the VIPickle list on the new Crook’d Brü website.

Only 10,000 12-packs will be released, according to a news release on Brewbound. But the 5% ABV, 100-calorie, sugar-free drink is just the first of a series of new flavors the brands are working on, the release said.

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