Regal Cinemas reopens theaters in Avon, Westfield, Greenwood

AVON, Ind. (WISH) — Another sign of normalcy happened Friday with another movie chain opening its doors for the first time in seven months.

The Regal Cinema theaters in Avon, Westfield and Greenwood are now showing movies again. It’s the first time since October.

The crowd may have been exceedingly small, but those who love movies say it’s great to finally get to see some flicks on the big screen.

Ken Olsen was one of them, seeing his first flick in more than a year. He was thrilled to use a gift card he thought he might never get to use.

“It’s just like before. I think we’re back in business,” Olsen said.

Victor Tulli was taking out his mother for Mother’s Day because they’re both movie buffs.

“I actually still thought it was still closed when I pulling the parking lot because there was nobody here,” Tulli said.

Regal has new protocols for everyone with reminders around the theater. Masks are required at all times except when eating or drinking in your seat.

There’s still popcorn, but the overall menu has been dramatically reduced.

Guests are asked to keep at least two seats between groups, through there are no other capacity limits. It certainly wasn’t an issue Friday and both men agree, that’s not all bad.

“Social-distance, I think there were two of us in that particular theater so space wasn’t a problem,” Olsen said.

“It was pretty nice to have just a few people,” Tulli said. “It makes the experience a little more intimate.”

Tulli would know. This is his third movie in six weeks having visited other theaters.

“It’s as good as it always was, just with a little less people,” Tulli said.

Olsen plans to come back too the next time there’s a movie that catches his eye. His theory for the lack of patrons is that they’re out of the habit.

“Maybe it’s not part of their routine like it used to be,” Olsen said. “But I think it will get back to being their routine again. I think people are ready to start getting out and live normal lives. I hope they are. I am.”

Not all Regal Cinemas are open in central Indiana.

Circle Centre and East 96th Street will reopen next Friday, May 14. Noblesville and others around the state including Bedford and Fort Wayne will reopen May 21.


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