Some Indianapolis businesses working around the clock to fill Thanksgiving orders

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The coronavirus is forcing many families to ditch traditional holiday plans, which has helped some Indianapolis restaurants. Staff at Pots and Pans will soon begin working 24-hour shifts to fill Thanksgiving orders.

Owner Ian Morley said last year they sold 500 pies, a week out from Thanksgiving, they’re at 700 with more orders coming in daily.

“It’s hard to cook Thanksgiving dinner for one or two or four or even like six people. It’s hard to get a small amount of turkey or find good portion sizes for everybody without making whole casserole dishes of things. I think that’s why we’re seeing a big increase in savory orders,” said Morley.

He said the pandemic has also changed what people are ordering. In the past, they would buy a few pies now with smaller gatherings, they’re sticking to just one. Morley added based on how quickly their pot pie sold out, it seems like many people are foregoing traditional Thanksgiving all together.

Fortunately, his team was able to keep working and maintained steady business during the pandemic.

“Just because our product was easy for a meal and people didn’t want to go to grocery stores, but they were home, but they didn’t want to go out, but they didn’t want to cook so it was kind of just this sweet spot we were in,” said Morley.

Just around the corner, the staff at Half Liter weren’t so lucky. This is why pitmaster Blake Ellis said they are banking on big sales over the next few days.

“We’re relying on Thanksgiving this year more than normal. This time we’re usually packed inside and out so it’s a little more bleak this year for every restaurant,” said Ellis.

Ellis has also seen an increase in sales this year. Last year, they sold 100 turkeys, this year they have 200 and have also added breasts and meals for smaller families to the menu.

He hopes the momentum carries his staff well into the new year.

“We just have to transition and we have to get people to sell beer and deliver the carryouts we have coming in that normally people would be here eating,” said Ellis.

Both Pots and Pans and Half Liter have staggered pickups for safety. Neither place has a cut off for orders, they plan to keep making food until they run out.


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