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Stylist suggests resisting urge to cut own hair

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Cutting your own hair can be disastrous, as many videos on the internet have shown us or perhaps experienced firsthand.

With Indiana’s shutdown of barber shops and hair salons for the COVID-19 pandemic, people are staring in the mirror each day watching their hair grow with no end in sight. You may be itching to grab scissors and do something about it, but, if you don’t know what you’re doing, you’ll most likely be making things worse.

Sure, you cut a little here, chop a little there and you could be saying, ‘Hey! Who’s that in my mirror?’ but make a few more cuts and you may consider wearing a hat for the rest of your life.

“You know, you get people who bring their kids in. Their kids have gotten a hold of the scissors and they’ve cut their hair,” said downtown Indianapolis stylist Scott Coolidge. “These are adults that are doing the same thing kids do. So, you know. Put the scissors down!”

Coolidge sees the horror stories people post on the internet every day. The hair goes from overgrown to bad and then nonexistent as people try to cover up their mistakes.

“My first reaction is usually I’m rolling my eyes and like ‘Oh, God. Fix it!” Coolidge said.

The stylist believes the best thing people can do is not touch the scissors. He says though it’s rough now, the growth can actually be a good thing when the shutdown ends.

“This is a great opportunity to try something completely new,” Coolidge said. “Brand new style, something you’ve never had before. Or maybe try something out that didn’t quite work once before. It’s a great opportunity to start all over again.”

For people who can’t go another day, Coolidge has a couple of tips, although he was reluctant to give them because of how much he want’s people to not touch their scissors.

“For people with long hair, leaning completely forward. Like almost having your face parallel to the floor and just nipping just the ends is not a horrible thing,” Coolidge said. “As far as bangs are concerned, don’t cut your bangs wet. That’s a big key. Don’t ever cut your bangs wet. It draws up when it dries. So actually if they’ve got a longer bang that’s grown out, is to actually style it more to the side. You’ll be fine.”

If you have a hair emergency, Coolidge says to book an appointment with your stylist now. They may not be open, but he says they’re going to be slammed as soon as they’re allowed to open back up.