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Survey: Americans say these brands embody patriotism

Jane King – 7/04/2024

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Here is a look at Thursday’s business headlines with Jane King where she discusses the brands that people feel best represent patriotism.

Robert Passikoff, president of Brand Keys, the New York based brand loyalty and engagement research firm that conducts the annual survey, says consumers now view everything through a political lens, so the value of patriotism is more important than ever.

Passikoff says as a brand value, patriotism provides tangible economic advantages brands that engage via patriotism always see better behavior, better return on marketing investment, and better bottom lines. Usually, six times better.

This year Brand Keys surveyed 7,460 adults between the ages 18 and 65 to see which brands they felt were the most patriotic.

Jeep ranked #1. American flags are prominently positioned on doors of the 2024 Jeep Wagoneer’s, in addition to the grand Cherokee, Wagoneer and grand Wagoneer in a proud nod to the brand’s 80-plus-year history celebrating freedom and adventure.

Levi Strauss & Co., at No. 3 was viewed as the most patriotic clothing brand. Walmart came in sixth, with Amazon taking the 10th spot.

Coca-Cola was ranked as the most patriotic soft drink with a No. 4 ranking. Jack Daniels was ranked as most patriotic alcohol brand at No. 9.

Brand Keys says that 80% of participants felt patriotism was extremely or very important. Fifteen percent thought it was somewhat important. Only 5% said it was not very or not at all important.

To view the rest of the list, visit the Brand Keys website.