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(WISH) -- Here's a look at Thursday's business headlines.

IRS mileage deductions

The IRS has boosted its business mileage deduction this year.

The IRS has set the rate at 58 cents per mile, up 3.5 cents from 2018, based on the overall higher prices for gasoline tracked during the year.

The last time the rate was this high was in the second half of 2008.


Apple iPhone stocks

Apple says teh holiday season wasn't as great as expected and it's blaming China.

It says sales of iPhones, tablets and Mac were slow in that country.

Apple says the weakness was more than it expected.

Amazon gas stations

Amazon may set its sights on an old fashioned business.

An analyst with DA Davidson says Amazon adding gas stations would provide the company thousands of commercial locations to advance its delivery efforts.

Gas stations would provide the company additional data on the physical whereabouts of consumers.

Gas price surge

Drivers have enjoyed lower gas prices for months.

However, Gas Buddy says we could see prices jump by spring.

Major oil producers are cutting output, which could drive prices higher.

Gas Buddy predicts a national average of $2.70 in 2019 but an average of $2.97 by Memorial Day.

AAA says in central Indiana the price is currently $2.03 a gallon.

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