Thursday’s business headlines

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Here’s a look at Thursday’s business headlines.

Labor market

Cities far from the coasts have emerged as havens to job seekers and businesses during the coronavirus, pandemic, according to an estimate from the Wall Street Journal.

Indiana’s capital faired well, ranked fourth hottest housing market, due to its mix of industries, some of which is protect from health disasters, like its pharmaceutical manufacturing sector.

Central Indiana is also home to a growing logistics and warehouse industry.

Other top cities were Salt Lake City, Austin and Denver.


Nearly 10% of American families struggled with unemployment in 2020.

That was double the number from 2019, when 4.9% of families confronted unemployment.


Bogus COVID-19 vaccines – some selling for $1,000 a shot and using an anti-wrinkle substance as an ingredient – were found in black markets around the world.

Pfizer confirmed this to the Wall Street Journal.

They were found in Mexico and Poland.

The shots did not cause harm to the people just took their money.


Forty-eight million Americans have some form of hearing loss.

Innerscope President and CEO Matthew Moore says technology, like Bluetooth apps and cloud computing, can help people get the most of of hearing aaplications.