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Thursday’s business headlines

Thursday’s business headlines

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Here’s a look at Thursday’s business headlines with Jane King.

Average mortgage rate nears 7% in Indiana

The average mortgage rate in Indiana is 6.90%. It’s a bit higher for refinancing.

According to Zillow, the median home value in Indiana is lower than the national typical home value of $357,544.

The median home value in Indiana is $227,978, and home values have increased 12.2% over the past year.

Counteroffers possible today in UAW negotiations

GM negotiators are expected to make a counteroffer to the UAW today and Stellantis, formerly Chrysler, is expected to make an offer Friday.

Ford has already made an offer to the union; the UAW will reportedly make a counteroffer.

The UAW is asking for a 40% pay increase over 4 years, a 32-hour work week, and a foothold in the emerging electric vehicle industry.

70,000 daycares in danger of closing

Over 70,000 daycare providers across the U.S. are in danger of closing when $24 billion in government aid dries up at the end of September.

The Century Foundation says that puts more than 3 million kids at risk of losing daycare and would leave thousands of workers without jobs.

The end of this month is when pandemic-era childcare funding help runs out.

Gamestop video game sales beat estimates

Gamestop is doing well with its online pivot as video game demand beats estimates. Gamestop’s collectibles business is also strong.

Experts predict Apple will push iPhone 15 price up by $100

Apple is testing the limits for the most expensive iPhones. The company is expected to raise prices by $100 on some premium models next week.

The move to steer consumers to premium models has worked phenomenally for Apple in recent years.