Tuesday’s business headlines

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Here’s a look at Tuesday’s business headlines.

Federal Reserve

The Federal Reserve will meet Tuesday and will try not to rock the boat.

Some strategists say the FED has worked hard to make the meeting and news about its bond-buying program as uneventful as possible.


Twitter is proposing a $809.5 million settlement for a 2016 securities class-action lawsuit that alleged the company misled investors about its user engagement figures.

The lawsuit alleged that Twitter provided misleading information to investors about growth metrics to make the company appear financially healthier than it was.


Facebook is offering a mix of responses – some defiant, other apologetic – in the wake of a weeklong Wall Street Journal series revealing critical internal reports about harms created by its products.

Top Facebook public affairs executive published a post, “What the Wall Street Journal got wrong,” maintaining that the articles “deliberately mischaracterize” Facebook’s actions and attribute false motivations for them.

In the article, the journal reported that Facebook knew how mentally damaging Instagram was for teen girls but ignored it, among other things.


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