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Tuesday’s business headlines

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Here’s a look at Tuesday’s business headlines with Jane King.

Rent falling nationwide, rising in Midwest

Rents are coming down in the U.S., but they’re still surging in one part of the country. says rents in the Midwest soared 4.5% in May, a sign more tenants are interested in the area.

Pickleball injuries may cost millions this year

Pickleball injuries may cost Americans nearly $400 million this year, according to UBS.

UnitedHealth Group said it is seeing a higher number of hip replacements and knee injuries, many of which are related to pickleball.

Artificial intelligence helping dentists

As artificial intelligence continues to expand into dental and medical uses, dentists are relying on the technology to quickly and accurately detect and prevent periodontitis, decay, bone loss, and other gum health issues.

The FDA approved VideaHealth system analyzes patients’ x-ray images using an algorithm trained on hundreds of millions of data points to provide treatment recommendations for patients.

Wheat climbs to 4-month high after attempted Russian coup

Wheat climbed to a four month high after the armed uprising in Russia added uncertainty over the outlook for grain shipments.

Russia is expected to be the world’s biggest wheat exporter this season and next, and any shift in its shipments would have a significant impact on global flows and could drive up the price of bread.

Survey: Americans would give up social media for a year to be completely debt-free

A new survey found Americans would give up social media for a year, spend a night on a remote island, and even go a month without internet access.

According to the poll from Beyond Finance and onepoll., the average person feels they could only stay debt-free for 8.5 weeks before accruing new debt.

People’s biggest debt hurdles include credit card debt, mortgages, automobile loans, and medical debt.