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Turkish airline tests ‘adults only’ seat section for flights

Turkish airline tests ‘adults only’ seat section for flights

ANTALYA, Turkey (WISH) — Travelers who board an airplane with or without children can each be familiar with the almost visceral reaction fellow passengers have to observe a baby on board. Young children may not always be well-received as companions in pressurized cabins.

One international airline has announced a possible way to avoid disruption and discomfort for passengers of both varieties.

The Turkish-Dutch airline, Corendon, has introduced a first-of-its-kind seating zone dedicated to passengers 16 years and older called “Only Adult.”

Corendon described a shielded environment provided by walls and curtains to offer “a calm and relaxed flight.” The Only Adult section will consist of 102 seats in the front section of the aircraft. Nine of the seats are considered “XL” for their additional legroom.

The founder of the airline, Atilay Uslu said in a statement that the company is the first Dutch airline to introduce the Only Adult zone. A news release was acquired by WISH-TV and translated online.

“We try to cater to travelers who are looking for some extra peace and quiet during their flight. We also believe that this can have a positive effect on parents traveling with small children. They can enjoy the flight without worrying when their children make a little more noise,” said Uslu.

The company will test the seating arrangement on flights between Amsterdam and Curaçao, according to a news release. A search for a nonstop flight between the two locations shows it can take between nine and ten hours.

Passengers will have to spend a little extra to be separated from children. The airline advertised a one-way ticket in the zone will cost an additional 45 euros, or just under $49 by Tuesday’s exchange rate. The XL option is priced at 100 euros, or $108.

The flights offering Only Adult zones are scheduled to begin in November.

Corendon Airlines services countries in Europe, Africa, and South America.