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Wednesday business headlines

Wednesday’s business headlines

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Here is a look at Wednesday’s business headlines with Joya Dass.


The Starbucks Workers Union says thousands of employees at hundreds of locations across the country will walk out tomorrow during this year’s Red Cup Day in what they’re calling a “Red Cup Rebellion.”

The Union says the company has refused to negotiate in good faith, over staffing, and other issues.

Company executives maintain that the Union is unwilling to negotiate.

judge denies request to toss lawsuit against big tech

A California judge rejected efforts by social media companies to toss nationwide lawsuits. These lawsuits accuse big tech of illegally enticing and then getting millions of children hooked on their platforms, damaging their mental health.

The judge ruled against many companies:

  • Alphabet, which operates Google and YouTube
  • Meta Platforms, operating Facebook and Instagram.
  • Bytedance, operator of TikTok.
  • Snap, operator of Snapchat.

report: CLIMATE CHANGE COULD cost u.s. economy $150b

Climate Change could result in a $150 billion hit to U.S. economy.

Consequences will worsen unless more is invested in clean energy and cities adapt to changing environments, according to a federal report.

Ski resorts in the Northwest, farmers in the Midwest and fisheries in the Northeast all face climate related risks to their local economies.


The most powerful supercomputer in the world is coming to life.

The machines will be able to analyze the connections inside the brain and help design batteries that charge faster and last longer.

The Wall Street Journal reports the computer, which is outside of Chicago, will be used by scientists. Using it to research cancer, nuclear fusion, vaccines, climate change, encryption, cosmology and other complex sciences and technologies.