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Wednesday business headlines

Wednesday business headlines

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Here is a look at Wednesday’s business headlines with Jane King.

Medicare premiums increase

Standard monthly part B premiums will increase by $9.80 per month next year, to $174.70 per month.

Medicare part B serves as medical insurance and covers doctor and other provider services, outpatient care, home health care, durable medical equipment, and some preventative services.

more Americans taking money from their 401k

Growing number of Americans are breaking their nest eggs for emergency funds.

The number of 401k plan participants taking hardship distributions increased by 13% between the second and third quarters, according to an analysis by Bank of America of its clients’ employee benefit programs.

meta barring political campaigns from using ai advertising

Facebook owner Meta is barring political campaigns and advertisers in other regulated industries from using its new A.I. advertising products.

The restrictions come as policymakers and civil society groups have warned about the disruption that A.I.-generated content that could damage the democratic process by misleading voters.

chat gpt has 100 million weekly users

Less than one year after its launch, ChatGPT has 100 million weekly users, that’s according to OpenAI Chief Sam Altman at the company’s first developer conference.

Altman also announced the release of GPT-4 Turbo, an new A.I. model that “Has knowledge of world events up to April 2023.

ai robots built to help coral restoration

An Australian coral scientist has been working with technologists at the industrial design software company Autodesk. The purpose is to develop A.I. powered robots that can automate coral restoration.

Doing this could speed the rehabilitation of reefs as well as moving corals to places where they’d have a better chance of surviving in a rapidly warming ocean.