Wednesday’s business headlines

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Here’s a look at Wednesday’s business headlines.

Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines has reportedly seen an uptick in passengers drinking their own booze on board as the coronavirus pandemic continues.

A mention of the matter will be added to the airline’s safety announcements.

Also, Southwest will no longer disinfect armrests and seatbelts between flights.

Some specific cleaning procedures will now be done overnight.

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Clorox, the world’s biggest maker of disinfectant cleaning materials, said consumers will continue to see a shortage of its wipes and other products into 2021 because of overwhelming demand during the pandemic.

While all kinds of disinfectant products have been flying off the shelves since March, wipes have been in especially high demand with consumers.

The company can’t keep up even with increased production.


Novavax’s potential vaccine to prevent COVID-19 generated a promising immune response in an early-stage clinical trial, the company said.

The vaccine produced neutralizing antibodies, while researchers believe are necessary to build immunity to the virus and killer t-cells.

The company has said it would begin a phase two trial in multiple countries if the early-stage trial was successful.

National parks

President Trump signed a bill into law that guarantees investment larger than anything the national parks have received in decades.

The new law, called The Great American Outdoors Act, puts as much as $9.5 billion toward a national park system backlog in deferred maintenance, which has grown to $12 billion since the 1990s.

Expanded parking, revamped campgrounds and more employee housing are also likely.