Wednesday’s business headlines

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Here’s a look at Wednesday’s business headlines.

Back to work

Some companies have already pushed back plans to bring workers back due to the Delta variant.

The employment website Indeed announced its employee return-to-office date is now Jan. 3, 2022.

Forty-five percent of employees surveyed are most worried about their commute time and associated health risks, while 38% are most put off by the additional out-of-pocket expenses of coming into the office such as public transportation, gas and tolls.


Household debt jumped by the most in 14 years.

American IOUs are almost $15 trillion says the Federal Reserve.

Credit card balances increased by $17 billion, while auto loans were up $33 billion, student loan debt actually decreased.


Western Europe and China – a key transport hub and home to several major businesses – are dealing with devastating floods.

That’s damaged railways used for the delivery of goods.

Supply chain software firm E2Open said there will probably be fewer and smaller discounts for the peak online shopping season, starting with Black Friday.


Minivans are making a comeback.

In fact, there’s been so much demand that minivans sold for, on average, 8% above sticker price last month, according to a recent Cox Automotive report.

Auto dealers say minivans provide even more of the useful capabilities of SUVs – cargo and passenger space – without the off-road capabilities that go largely unused.


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