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Wednesday’s business headlines

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Here’s a look at Wednesday’s business headlines with Jane King.

Netflix password crackdown underway

Netflix is sending emails to users in the U.S. saying only one household can watch Netflix per account, meaning those who live outside of their four walls will soon be cut off.

In the U.S., those who want to share an account outside their home have to pay an additional $7.99 a month — a price tag that is $2 less a month than a basic Netflix account. It is $1 more a month than a Netflix account that plays ads.

Comcast unveils $20 cable bundle

Comcast wants to attract customers with a new, $20 cable bundle.

Now TV is designed to keep pay-tv customers from cord-cutting. Peacock premium will be included in the package at no extra cost.

The package will have more than 40 channels.

Bud Light sales drop 28% amid controversy

Bud Light may have to drop the price of a case of beer to under $5 as sales of the beer continue to drop after controversy over hiring a transgender social media spokesperson.

Sales of the beer were down 28% last week.

Online retailers crack down on returns

Returns are one of the biggest profit drains for online retailers — that’s why some are making it more difficult.

The Wall Street Journal reports merchants are shortening return windows, increasing mail fees, and offering discounts to discourage returns.

On average, the cost to process $100 of returned merchandise is about $26.50, according to Narvar, cutting the number of returns in half could increase profits by about 25%.

8 in 10 workers satisfied with their job

About 8 in 10 workers are satisfied with their jobs, even as over 6 in 10 say work is stressful, a Washington Post-Ipsos poll of workers finds.

While the desire to work from home is a priority for some workers, pay, having a good boss or manager, and other aspects of a job rank higher.

Also, roughly 4 in 10 workers say their jobs can be done from home, the Post-Ipsos poll finds, and people who can work remotely prefer the home office.